Hesta Chemicals is a company specialised to design and manufacture high performance oil treatment and oily water treatment chemicals.
Our strenghts are demulsifiers for stable hard to brake water in oil emulsions and desalting chemicals.

Our products


  • Excellent performance on hard emulsions
  • Clearer water output
  • Great desalting capabilities

Water treatment chemicals

  • High performance coagulant and flocculents

Easy logistics

  • Our products are environment friendly and therefore can be shipped via air
  • We offer superconcentrates to reduce your need for stock and shipping costs
  • We keep sufficient stock to fulfill prompt orders
  • We deliver worldwide choosing the fastest and most cost effective shipping solutions

Testing options

  • Test our base products by requesting a sample
  • We have profound oil treatment testing methods. Our lab evaluates the efficiency of our products on your feedstock samples by creating similar conditions to your treatment process
  • In case of atypical feedstock we are ready to modify our base products to meet your specific needs